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Telephone 01909 565879

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Woodhouse Contract Furnishers

Todwick Road Industrial Estate


Sheffield S25 3SH

Telephone: 01909 565879

Fax: 01909 560 685

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All our own furniture is manufactured in our own design studio. We also supply furniture too, such as tables and chairs for restaurants, bars, pubs and other establishments.

Woodhouse Contract Furnishers are based just south of Sheffield close to the M1. We operate countrywide delivering a unique service tailored to exact customer specifications. Each project is individually designed paying particular attention to the customers ideas and requirements.

Banquette Seating Contractors Woodhouse Contract Furnishers are a family run company established since 1972. Banquette booths and bar seating are just some of the products designed, manufactured and installed by Woodhouse Contract Furnishers.

The life of a piece of upholstered furniture begins with its frame: although the underlying wooden framework cannot be seen in the finished product, the type of wood used to create it will have a bearing on the quality of the final product. At Woodhouse Contract Furnishers all our framework is of the highest quality ensuring your products will sustain wear and tear.

Once the frame is constructed, a spring system is installed to support the seating area. Once a piece of upholstered furniture has its frame and springs, the next components are the cushions and padding. Seat cushions sit on top of the spring system and seat deck. Back pillows, if present, rest against the back and arms of the piece. We have many quality fabric choices for your final seat coverings.